If you’re afraid that automation might replace your job soon, if you’re envious of your younger officemate who always seems to finish work faster, if you want to learn skills that will make you come home on time, if you’re a business-owner struggling to catch up on digital marketing or if you simply want to get smarter and better at work and in life, this site is made for you.

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Let's Spark a Movement!

We often rally for the increase of minimum wage. A group of activists would propose 500 per day, then a bill would be passed. Months after, people will rally for 600 per day and a new bill will be passed. Months after, people will rally for 800. And the cycle goes on and on til some businesses are able to catch up no more.

While I was watching news one random day, a government official mentioned that the greater aim is NOT to make the minimum wage higher and higher but to teach our workforce MORE‌ VALUABLE‌ SKILLS so that less and less people will have to rely on minimum wage.

Hence, my dream to spark this movement– where Filipinos help fellow Filipinos get smarter and better everyday by learning and doing higher-paying skills and strategies that will free us from the chain of minimum wage and the daily 8-hour repetitive routines.

I do not claim to be the best and smartest of all, but I heard from a TED‌ talk that a good teacher is one who loves to teach while a great teacher is one who loves to learn. When you enter our online learning hub here at GS&B, I welcome not a person whom I presume to know less than I do, but a fellow whom I know is happy and willing to learn and get smarter and better with me, because we owe it to God and our country to be.

I’m excited to get smarter and better with you!

Gretchen Veran, Founder