This is our why.

Our target:
500,000 Filipinos living a smarter and better life* by 2025.

What we write, say, create, do and give help make at least one person work smarter and live better, one step at a time.

A smarter and better life is one where you are (1) able to use strategies, skills and tools necessary for valuable work in the digital age, (2) actively sharing what you know to your peers so that we can all grow collectively and (3) grounded with a deep love for God and country that moves you to pursue innovation and excellence in all that you do, for the greater good of everyone around you.

This is our DNA.


Our eyes are curious.


Our brains are creative.


Our lips are conversational.


Our faces are cheerful.


Our souls are Christ-centered.


Our hands are practical.


Our badge is patriotism.


Our hearts are generous.


Our feet are grounded.

Perfect 9!

5C + 2P + 2G

We live for these people


the non-techie employee
She is a 45-year old single mom who's been working hard for the past 15 years as an admin assistant in a textile company that is now undergoing digital transformation. She fears that her entire job will be replaced by the new enterprise software that their company is about to use.


the struggling local business owner
He is an an OFW for 10 years who has finally put together enough savings to start his own business here in the Philippines. He's been running his machine repair shop for around 6 months now and he's been struggling with attracting new customers and keeping track of existing ones. He's worried that if he doesn't reach his target number of customers by the 9th month, he will have to close shop and start from zero again.


the diligent teacher
She is a 50-year old teacher who (1) struggles to connect with her GenZ students because she can't keep up with their preferred medium of teaching-- flashy and interactive slides with sleek fonts and icons, engaging videos, interactive quizzes and materials and (2) envies her younger colleague who can check quizzes, record, compute and send grades 5 times faster than she does.


the wandering newbie
He is the the fresh grad who is struggling to understand his manager in his first job. He thinks that he always has a better idea and a faster way of doing things but he doesn't know how to communicate it better. He ends up leaving the company out of frustration only to encounter the same problem again with his next work seniors.


the adapting entrepreneur
She has been operating her accounting firm for 20 years now. However, they are starting to lose some of their clients to certain online apps that can automate their entire work process in just a few clicks for a significantly cheaper subscription fee per month. She's eager to learn about those new tools but none of her equally aging workforce know anything about it. She's starting to admit that perhaps it’s high time for her company to enter into a digital transformation in order to stay afloat and thrive.


the philanthropic subject matter expert
He is a seasoned practitioner in his field of expertise and wishes to generously impart what he knows to the next generation of industry leaders. He wants to find a platform that can help him build, publish and distribute his online courses or materials so that he can be virtually available 24/7 to anyone who is seeking and willing to learn from him.

If you can relate to any of them, we are here for you.

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