The Power to Save People’s Time

Billionares have billions while beggars only have a few cents. But no matter how richer the billionaire gets, or how poorer the beggar goes, both of them will always just have 24 hours each day.

The great differentiator is– how much is your hour’s worth?

If each our of your labor costs PHP100 and you used to spend 3 hours commuting, now that we are all just mostly working from home, you get back your 3 hours and consequently, your PHP300 pesos. The question is– what will you do with it? Will you save it? spend it on leisure? invest it in learning something new? There are really no right or wrong answers because it’s your own. 

But come to think of it, we have a lot of friends who are financial advisors– those who teach us how to spend and invest our money wisely. But do you have at least one friend who helps and teaches you on how to save time?

The past few lockdown weeks, I locked myself into one goal, and that is to launch this digital space for people who want to get smarter and better because we owe it to God and our country to be.

We owe it to our country because a lot of us are still rallying for increase in minimum wage or more financial help from the government. While to some extent it is right to remind our government of their responsibilities and fight for our rights, I also want more of us to do our part. To take responsibility in learning new and more valuable skills so that instead of pushing for higher salary for the same job, we can actually rise through the ranks and get compensated more because we are giving more value to the company, and ultimately, to the country.

If you are someone who knows about smarter tools and better perspectives that can improve other people’s lives, then I think it is our Christian duty to do so.

Out of this motivation and despite the difficulties of our domestic circumstances during this lockdown period, I now resolve to commit to posting one video every Tuesday and another one on Friday, both at 1:30PM, to share better perspectives and teach smarter tools that will help more Filipinos become smarter and better at whatever they do.

Are you with me on this? 🙂




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